Years & Years' Sexy New Track 'Sanctify' Is About Hooking Up With Straight Guys

Taylor Henderson

Years & Years dropped their sensual new track "Sanctify" earlier today, and frontman Olly Alexander has revealed that the song is about his experience hooking up with straight guys.

"You don’t have to be straight with me, I see what’s underneath your mask," sings Alexander on the track. "I'm a man like you, I breathe the rituals of the dancer's dance."

"There’s so much that goes on in an experience like that," Alexander explained to Nylon Magazine. "On the one hand, the guy is struggling with his sexuality and feeling unable to express himself as anything other than straight while also desiring me. I’m on the other side feeling like both a sinner and saint or a devil and angel, leading this guy down a path of sinfulness while, at the same time, helping him explore his sexuality."

Alexander says he isn't shying away from sexual topics anymore and was excited to include he/him pronouns on "Sanctify." "It does feel empowering to be like, 'Yeah I'm singing about a guy' so I'm gonna use 'guy' in the song."

"I feel like being gay is a blessing. I wanted that to come through."

Watch "Sanctify" below!

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