Rita Ora Finally Responded to the Controversy About Her Single 'Girls'

Rita Ora Responds To Controversy Surrounding New Song “Girls”
Zachary Zane

No less than 24 hours after pop singer Rita Ora released her newest single "Girls," the bi+ community was quick to point out some of the less than ideal representation of bisexual women depicted in the song.

The song was quickly hailed for being a “bisexual anthem” by mainstream outlets while simultaneously considered tone-deaf by a number of bi+ women and queer celebrities including Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani.

Queer critics of the song noted that the lyrics perpetuate the notion that bisexual women are simply bi when drunk. Or need to be drunk in order to be sexually active with people of the same sex.  

“I ain’t one-sided, I’m open-minded, I’m 50-50 and I’m never gonna hide it,” Ora Sings in the undeniably catchy bop. “Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls.”

Earlier today, the 27 year-old singer responded to the criticisms on Twitter, discussing how the song is representative of her own experience, and she did not intend to cause any harm to the LGBT community.

NYT-best selling author, bisexual activist, and all around badass Gaby Dunn perfectly articulated what Ora was saying in her apology, when "Girls" was initially released.   

While maybe not the most inclusive or positive representation of bisexuality, it absolutely is a real one, and one that Ora did indeed experience herself.  

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