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Thanksgiving Day Parade Airs First LGBTQ Kiss

Rachel Kiley

More than 50 million viewers tuning into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year got to see the event broadcast what is believed to be its first LGBTQ kiss.

Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla, stars of the Broadway musical The Prom, shared a kiss at the end of an ensemble performance from the show.

Cast member Josh Lamon took to Twitter afterwards to draw attention to the historic moment.

“The Prom," which only opened on Broadway in late fall of this year, is about a high schooler in Indiana who wants to take her girlfriend to prom, but has to accept the help of a group of thespians when the school’s PTA decides to cancel the prom rather than allow lesbians to attend as they are.

“Broadway’s The Prom is grateful to Macy’s and NBC for their acceptance and inclusivity of a community and a story that is about acceptance, tolerance and love,” the show’s producers told Entertainment Weekly. “These are some of the themes reflected in our musical comedy and we are very proud to be the very first LGBTQ kiss on the Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

Of course, not everyone was thrilled, but it’s not Thanksgiving without somebody being vocally small-minded in an unecessarily dramatic fashion.

But forget the haters, grab some Thanksgiving leftovers, and watch the cute moment below:

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