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Twitter's #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty Was Hilarious — And Very Important

Twitter's #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty Was Hilarious — And Very Important

Twitter's #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty Was Hilarious — And Very Important

Important matters can be funny too.


Last night was the first of what may be a never-ending (at least offline) #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty. It was started by Twitter user @MADBLACKTWINK to highlight the many ways that Trump and his followers (and really anyone who hasn’t spoken out against his outright bigotry) have harmed our community. The hashtag exploded, reaching trending status.

At a time where many queer folks and allies are feeling frustrated and upset over the reactions of politicians who previously voted for measures that limited our rights and yet claimed to be praying on our behalf following Orlando, it’s no surprise that #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty would be a success. The hashtag creates a sense of community based in both anger and levity, and the lightness is something we’re craving in what feels like a very dark time.

Plus, it’s a nod to the tweeting talent of the tag’s creator, who was very clear about their intent and their own irritation with politicians like Trump.

Some tweets were fun and lighthearted.

But ish got real, too.

No matter where you stand politically in regard to the upcoming election, it’s hard to deny the fact that the LGBTQ community has been frustrated for ages about being silenced, whitewashed, and erased. It’s hard to hear people who have been demonizing your existence not only refusing to take any actual measures to better the lives of the LGBTQ community, but acting as if they have any interest in protecting us via tweets about prayers and their thoughts being with us.

We want allies. But we want allies who deeply, truly care, and who will use their power to make our lives safer and not so difficult to live.

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