Rain Dove Stars in TomboyX's Empowering New 'Underneath It All' Campaign

Raffy Ermac

Rain Dove always uses her platform as a model to make statements, and her latest fashion collaboration is definitely no exception. 

The androgynous model teamed up with clothing brand TomboyX for their newest campaign, appropriately entitled "Underneath It All," and in it, she awesomely questions the confining gender norms that dictate the way people dress. 

"When I get dressed, I don't think about what other people think," Rain says in TomboyX's nearly two-minute long commercial spot in response to people questioning the way she dresses. "I only think, 'Is this me?' 'Is this my truth?' 'Am I able to move through this world with confidence?' 'Am I able to move through this world feeling that I am I?'"

She continued: 

"There's no difference between you looking your best, and me looking my best. We're just different books with different covers. It's all just fabric, zippers, and thread, buttons, and cuffs. When I'm comfortable with myself in my own skin, that has a ripple effect."

Watch Rain Dove's powerful, full TomboyX ad in the video below.



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