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anti lgbtq

Moms For Liberty Just Got Schooled By Kids Who Accurately Called Out The Extremist Group

“Love is love & ur wrong! Grow up!" a student from a Seattle Gay Straight Alliance wrote to the Moms for Liberty.

House Speaker Mike Johnson's Latest Resurfaced Admission Is Next Level Pervy

The Republican congressman explained how he would've taken advantage of trans-inclusive policies to be a Peeping Tom.

Ted Cruz Is OBSESSED With This Democrat's Junk, We See You Girl

The anti-gay Republican went on a conservative podcast where we kept talking about Rep. Eric Swalwell's package.

Watch This Dad's Glorious & Brutal Takedown Of A School Board For Its Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies

PRIDE spoke with Cody Conner who is going viral after speaking out during a Virginia Beach school board meeting.

Ron DeSantis’ 7 Most Hilariously Epic Fails On The Presidential Campaign Trail

Reveling in the Florida governor's most embarrassing moments is our new favorite past time.

Why Is An Anti-Trans Documentary Taking Over X? The Controversy Explained

Advirtisements for PragerU's Detrans documentary flooded users' feeds yesterday.

Twitter Quietly Removes Feature That Protects Trans Users From Hate

The new policy removes trans-specific language from the website’s reporting system.

Out Italian Pop Star Tiziano Ferro Says Divorce Has Him Stuck In US

Despite anti-LGBTQ+ laws in his home country the Grammy winner says that's not what's keeping him from going back.

Lauren Boebert Is On Her Hypocrisy BS Again, Her New Man Is A Twist

The Republican got kicked out of play with a surprising companion.

11 Celebrities Who Could've & Should've Have Just Said Nothing

Silence is golden, especially when spewing hateful nonsense.

Carlos Santana Apologizes For Hateful Comments At Concert

The "Black Magic Woman" singer is walking back the anti-trans remarks from a video that went viral.

Conservatives Have A New Absurd Outrage: Skittles' Pride Campaign

The campaign may be over, but critics are just now lashing out at the "Taste the rainbow" brand and calling for a boycott.

Man Who Punched 'Drag Race UK's The Vivienne Charged For Attack

"I will not, and will never stop SCREAMING ABOUT EQUALITY FOR EVERYBODY!" The Vivienne wrote on X.

Teen Pleads Not Guilty In Hate Crime Stabbing of O'Shae Sibley

The 17-year-old's charges were increased because of the hate crime element of the murder.

Trekkie's Are Angry That Star Robert Beltran Supported *This* Tweet

The Star Trek actor also broke the SAG-AFTRA strike rules and then responded to a social media post about "real fans." Not cute.

Trans TikToker Says Politicians & Pastors Are The Real Child Groomers

TikToker Kristen Bowde's research found that pastors and politicians are the ones who are overwhelmingly abusing children — not queer people.

‘Drag Race Holland’s Envy Peru Reveals She Was Assaulted On A Bus

The DRH winner reported four men attacked her in Amsterdam.

Preacher Spirals Over 'Barbie' Including 'Transgender & Homosexuality'

“I curse this new Barbie movie,” the Christian preacher decried.

Trixie Mattel Dismantles Anti-Drag Rhetoric In Under 1 Minute

The All Stars 3 winner is over the theatrics and dramatics of conservatives.

250+ Celebs, GLAAD & HRC Demand Social Media CEOs End Anti-Trans Hate

The open letter to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter calls for an end to the viral lies and disinformation being spread on their platforms.