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I turn anti-LGBTQ+ comments I get into poetry, creating beauty from ugliness

Nonbinary influencer Sarah Kate Smigiel writes about their gender journey and building a community with art born out of hate.

I walked out of my retail job and into a new life as a Black, queer artist. Here’s how.

Justice Dwight describes a journey from a mundane job in retail to finding opportunities as a Black queer artist.

Omar Apollo Shows It ALL Off On His New Album Cover

Live for Me drops on October 6.

Pedro Pascal & Russell Tovey Were Shut Out Of A Pedro Pascal Exhibit

They attempted a surprise visit to the art exhibit dedicated to the ‘The Last of Us’ star.

16 Disney Princes Turned Into Hunky Underwear Models

An artist reimagined your favorite Disney crushes as steamy heartthrobs. You're going to want to see this!

Tom of Finland's Legacy Lives on With Leather Doggies and Kitties

A Finnish pet food company pays homage to the great gay artist.

Penises Take Center Stage In New Art Book 100 Members Only

Ron Amato’s black-and-white photography intimately explores the complexity of the human phallus in closeup.