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40 queer black writers you need to read immediately

These voices need to be heard more.

Watch This Book Banner Claim Her Raging P*rn Addiction Is *Checks Notes* Scholastic's Fault

Um, did anyone tell her that the mic and camera are on. Ma'am the world can hear you.

10 LGBTQ+ Books That Should Become TV Shows Or Movies

We’d love for these fabulous LGBTQ+ books to be turned into TV shows or movies!

​Pink Will Hand Out Books At Florida Concerts In Response To Book Bans

The music superstar takes on book bans in the state that has the most of them.

Florida Censors William Shakespeare In Classrooms For Being Too Gay

Homophobia by any other name...

Exclusive: Hear A Sneak Preview Of Tegan & Sara’s ‘Junior High’

Check out the first 15 minutes of the audiobook ‘Junior High’ from the iconic indie pop duo.

'Camp Damascus' Is A Terrifying, Hopeful Tale Of Religious Extremism

Tingle crafts a narrative that is haunting and frighteningly timely in this year’s must-read queer horror novel.

Hamish Steele: Writing A Queer, Autistic Teen Helped Me Accept My Past

In this guest post from the creator of Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park they open up to PRIDE about how creating the character of Norma led to a major self-discovery.

25 Inspiring LGBTQ-Themed Children's Books

These 25 titles will definitely help make any young, LGBTQ kid feel seen.

10 Books With Awesome Asexual Characters You Should Read

These books are ace reads.