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Katy Perry is ready to gag the gays with her highly anticipated comeback

The pop icon wants to give her fans everything they want with her upcoming era.

Watch gay actor Johnny Sibilly shutdown a homophobe in the sexiest way possible

The Hacks actor and his hot boyfriend used their tongues to respond to the TikTok comment in a very creative way!

Jenifer Lewis reveals her all-time favorite role and we’re EMOTIONAL

The legendary actress is looking back on her career and spilling the tea.

U.S. may pull plug on TikTok

As the new law hits Biden's desk, what does a TikTok ban actually mean for users? Here's the rundown.

Watch a mom try and explain 'coming out' to her BAFFLED kids who are giving us SO MUCH hope

Gen Alpha is going viral on TikTok for making coming out obsolete.

Chappell Roan's savage TikToks roasting men are going viral & we're observing respectfully

She is using that voice of her for more than singing and we're so very seated.

Female comedians clap back at TikToker who said women on 'SNL' aren't 'hot'

Saturday Day Night Live cast members Sarah Sherman and Chloe Troast responded in hilarious ways!

Meet Steven Kelly, the sexy gymfluencer taking over TikTok

He's dripping with sweat and the gays are loving it!

JoJo Siwa enters her adult era with new song 'Karma' and fans are DIVIDED

The TikTok Star has replaced her big bow with a sheer body suit.

What is a 'Hey Mamas lesbian' and why is it so popular on TikTok?

The new Gen Z slang explained!

Russian TikTok stars allegedly forced to apologize for kissing video

We’re not surprised, but we are upset that Russia’s crackdown against LGBTQ+ people is alive and well.

Did this Canadian rapper just use queer slang to come out?

We’re gooped and gagged that this term just snuck into this rap song.

Did Chris Olsen just reveal that he's single?

The popular TikTok star was a little coy when asked about his love life at the Grammys.

Did David Archuleta just come out as a top?

The out and proud singer is being a little coy in a new TikTok.

6 videos that prove trans model Alex Consani is taking over TikTok

She has made a name for herself by going viral on TikTok with her quirky style and fun dances!

Jaymes Mansfield just gave birth to a chaotic new drag daughter... and it's me!

Watch out RuPaul's Drag Race... there's a new queen on the scene! Here's what it was like to be transformed by the best.

Watch the adorable moment this mom explains what gay is to her curious 4-year-old — we're SOBBING

“It’s kind of like the color of your eyes or the color of your skin,” she said. “It’s just how you were born.”

Watch this viral TikTok that proves sometimes straight people can make your day better not worse

In a viral TikTok, gay photographer David Frazier said of a woman he met, "You uplifted me in a way that I didn't know I needed, and it made me feel amazing."

15 Hilarious TikTok Reactions To Seeing 'Saltburn's Bathtub Scene For The Very First Time

From Gen Z being scandalized to people watching it with their families, these TikTok reactions have us cackling!