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10 'family values' Republicans caught in gay sex scandals proving they are GIANT hypocrites

These anti-LGBTQ+ conservatives were all caught with their hands in the very gay cookie jar!

Conservative family hates LGBTQ+ people so much they moved to Russia & shocker it didn't go well

The right-wing family left the freedom of Canada for an oligarchy all because of their hatred of LGBTQ+ people and "left-wing ideology."

Even Oreos aren't exempt from angry conservative boycotts for supporting LGBTQ+ rights

If it’s not Bud Light, Target, or Disney, conservatives will find a new company to boycott. This time, it’s Oreo.

Yes, Dixon Dallas knows he's driving conservatives, rednecks, and all the gays crazy

The controversial country singer is exclusively chatting with PRIDE all about his haters, his lovers, and his new heartbreak anthem.

Parents' rights activist charged with getting kids drunk, punching one & being a MASSIVE hypocrite

Right wing activist Clarice Shillinger is facing charges after giving teens alcohol at her daughter's 17th birthday party.

Conservative sports columnist appears to out his very NOT STRAIGHT online activity

Jason Whitlock posted a screen grab of a targeted ad that showed him to be a right-wing hypocrite. So, basically it's any other Thursday.

25 Times Republicans Looked Like Fools And Hypocrites In 2023 While We Cackled

Our hate for the GOP runs deep, but we do appreciate how many laughs they've provided us this year!

7 Times LGBTQ+ Republicans Were SHOCKED To Discover The GOP Hates Them, Duh Mary

"I never thought leopards would eat MY face," sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

Disney Omits 'Gay' Lyric From Song During a Florida Theme Park Performance

Is Disney World joining the ”don’t say gay” movement in Florida?

Ted Cruz Is OBSESSED With This Democrat's Junk, We See You Girl

The anti-gay Republican went on a conservative podcast where we kept talking about Rep. Eric Swalwell's package.

Is Amy Coney Barrett In A Cult? The People Of Praise Sect & Its Alleged Abuses Explained

Members of the Supreme Court Justice’s conservative religious sect have alleged sexual abuse.

The Memes About Kevin McCarthy's Removal Are Brutal & We Can't Stop Laughing

Kevin McCarthy's detractors wasted no time celebrating his removal as Speaker of the House. Here are our favorite memes as Congress crumbles.

Conservatives Are Big Mad Over Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce... For Reasons?

While some may be sick of hearing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's budding romance, others are downright outraged by it.

Ariana, Gabrielle, LeVar & More Join Celebs Campaign Against Book Bans

A-listers are urging people to take a stand against book bans in their communities.