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Peacock teases Stormy Daniels documentary with new trailer & we're intrigued!

Stormy promises to tell Daniels' story "in her own words."

How Is Disgraced Republican George Santos Making Money Since His Scams Caught Up With Him?

Santos may have been expelled from Congress, but now he's taking home the big bucks on Cameo and an upcoming documentary about his life.

'Looking's Russell Tovey Reveals 1st Time He Saw A Rim Job On Screen

“It was terrifying, but so ‘wow!'” the actor recalled.

J-Pop Star Shinjiro Atae On The Backlash & Joys Of Coming Out 'It Was Very Terrifying'

"Some of my fans were like, ‘I still love you, but I can’t accept that you’re gay,’” he told PRIDE.

The Trailer For A New Documentary About LGBTQ+ Midwesterners Is Giving Us All The Feels

We Live Here: The Midwest focuses on queer folks and families just trying to live their best life in the Midwest in a time of increasing turmoil.

Why Is An Anti-Trans Documentary Taking Over X? The Controversy Explained

Advirtisements for PragerU's Detrans documentary flooded users' feeds yesterday.

A New Doc Honors Matthew Shepard On the 25th Anniversary Of His Death

The Matthew Shepard Story: An American Hate Crime trailer is here and it’s both heartbreaking and necessary.

'Nothing Compares' Is A Moving Portrayal Of A Misunderstood Artist

The documentary offers a new and heartbreaking perspective on the star's rise and fall from fame.

‘WHAM!’ Trailer Reveals The True Story Behind George Michael’s Pop Duo

The story of one of the most iconic ‘80s pop bands comes to life in this doc from the director of FYRE.

Trans Journalist Transitions While Embedded With The Taliban In New Doc

First look clip from Transition shows a trans reporter going through Taliban security

Closeted Gay Star's Secrets Revealed In New Rock Hudson Documentary

Check out the first trailer for the new HBO documentary Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

Arnold's Mom Thought He Was Gay: "It’s Only Naked Men, Oiled-Up"

Arnold Schwarzenegger's new Netflix documentary spills all the tea, including why his mother was convinced he was gay.

Director Bryan Singer Plans Doc To Refute Sexual Assault Accusations

The disgraced director tries to make a comeback with a documentary about his own history of sexual assault allegations.