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donald trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene ROASTED after dumb insult against Trump judge fails

Did the far-right Republican just tell a judge to strip?

Trump is booed when he announces his tacky sneakers and we can't stop LAUGHING

We know he has bills to pay, but just no. These are terrible.

A photo of Ted Cruz in tight pants went viral and the internet is ROASTING

The Republican's moose knuckle is on full display and now we have to wash our eyes out with bleach!

Peacock teases Stormy Daniels documentary with new trailer & we're intrigued!

Stormy promises to tell Daniels' story "in her own words."

Rachel Maddow and E. Jean Carroll
Yahoo Feed

Watch E. Jean Carroll shred Trump after taking him for MILLIONS

The writer won her defamation suit is now cutting the former president down to size with the most perfect insults!

Yes, Nikki Haley sucks too — 6 trash things she said about the LGBTQ+ community

Just because she's running against Trump doesn't mean she's not terrible too!

Ron DeSantis finally attacks Trump but in the most cowardly possible way and we are CACKLING

The Florida Governor nixed a plan to pay for Trump's legal fees

5 times Trump showed signs of possible mental decline & isn't fit for the White House

Trump claims Joe Biden has dementia, but recent gaffs have the internet saying #TrumpIsNotWell.

Ron DeSantis just gave up on his failed presidential campaign & we LOVE to see it

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Florida governor is now endorsing Donald Trump.

Watch Trump & Kushner get called out for corruption by Rep. Robert Garcia while we LAUGH

The gay congressman is making waves in the House by speaking truth to power and we're here for it!

Viral photo of Donald Trump's mystery sores lead to STI speculation

Could the former president have secondary syphilis?

Watch Robert Garcia blast Donald Trump with iconic 'RHOSLC' quote

Receipts! Proof! Timeline! Screenshots!

​Donald Trump won't be on the Nevada ballot and Democrats are CACKLING

Even though the former president chose to stay off the ballot, we're sure he'll blame Democrats if he loses!

Here's why MAGA politicians are deflecting hard & getting VERY NERVOUS about that Epstein list

The party that likes to call LGBTQ+ people "groomers" are actually giant hypocrites.

25 Times Republicans Looked Like Fools And Hypocrites In 2023 While We Cackled

Our hate for the GOP runs deep, but we do appreciate how many laughs they've provided us this year!

7 Times LGBTQ+ Republicans Were SHOCKED To Discover The GOP Hates Them, Duh Mary

"I never thought leopards would eat MY face," sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

​Trump Booted From The Colorado Ballot For Being An Insurrectionist — Because Obviously (BREAKING)​

Turns out planning a coup against the country has cast the former president & we are delighted.

Watch This Gay Trump Supporter Get The Shock Of His Life When He Realizes Republicans Are Homophobes

Republican Rob Smith got a rude awakening when a crowd of MAGA true believers turned on him.

Trump or Hitler: Who Said It Better?

Let's play the worst game ever,