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Alice Oseman teases final volume of 'Heartstopper' in new update

The end of Nick and Charlie's story is in sight.

Kit Conner makes fans swoon with shirtless trailer for Broadway's 'Romeo and Juliet'

Kit Connor stars opposite Rachel Zegler as the infamous star-crossed lovers.

Jonathan Bailey joins 'Heartstopper' as the celebrity crush of our dreams

The Bridgerton and Fellow Travelers star is officially joining the Heartstopper series on Netflix!

'Heartstopper' star Bradley Riches is engaged & the photos are so sweet

We’re wishing these two a very happy ever after.

Fans upset over 'Heartstopper's Bradley Riches' shocking 'Big Brother' elimination

This definitely could have been handled very differently.

The ‘Heartstopper’ cast teases love, friendship & ‘sexual tension’ in new BTS clip

Plus, when the third season drops on Netflix. Good news: the wait is shorter than you think.

'Heartstopper's Bradley Riches joins 'Celebrity Big Brother' & already has fans sobbing

Riches says he plans to drink prosecco and party until 2 a.m. while on the reality TV show!

30 TV Shows With Bisexual Guy Characters & Where To Watch Them

They can be hard to find, but shows with bisexual men do exist!

Will Nick And Charlie Finally Have Sex? 'Heartstopper #5' Tackles The Question

The latest installment of Alice Oseman's series is almost here.

A New 'Heartstopper' Season 3 Character Has Been Revealed

The search for the perfect Michael Holden has ended!

10 LGBTQ+ Books That Should Become TV Shows Or Movies

We’d love for these fabulous LGBTQ+ books to be turned into TV shows or movies!

'Heartstopper's Bel Priestley Stars In Moodie's Queer New Music Video

Priestley stars alongside Olive Gray in a music video about lovers being pulled apart.

'Heartstopper's Kit Connor Gives Advice To Celebrities On Coming Out

The actor felt forced to label himself and come out after the first season of Heartstopper turned him into a global superstar.

Trixie Mattel & Katya Go Viral For Dragging The Chaste Heartstopper S2

“My favorite thing about having a high school romance is hand-holding," Trixie joked on the new episode of I Like To Watch.

Here's Why Taylor Swift's 'Seven' Featured In That 'Heartstopper' Scene

The story is as captivating as the scene itself.

19 LGBTQ+ Movies & TV Shows Coming In August 2023 & How To Watch Them

Heartstopper, Problemista, Reservation Dogs, Passages... and so much more!

'Heartstopper' Stars Share Hopes For Nick And Charlie's Future

Most teen romances don't last. Will this one?

'Heartstopper's Joe Locke On Which Season 2 Scene Became His New Fave

The teen star also opened up about the challenges the characters face and what we can expect with the new season.

Romance Blooms In Paris For Nick & Charlie In Heartstopper S2 Trailer

lus, love & coming out gets complicated for everyone in the City of Love.