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Julia Fox reveals she's exited a 5-year project over a shocking conversation with the director

For now, she's only hinting at his identity, but reveals the racist and misogynistic things he's said.

Becca Moore and Shannon Beveridge hard-launch relationship

The mystery partner Moore's teased for months is revealed at last.

Watch: queer femme Holly Cinnamon's video for new bop says  'Boo Hoo' to the haters

Just in time for Pride Month, musician and actor Holly Cinnamon has released a video for an anthem that celebrates multifaceted queer identity.

'What Not to Wear's Stacy London reveals she now embraces her lesbian identity

After dating partner Cat Yezbek for more than 5 years, London is ready to put a new label on her sexuality!

15 must-watch lesbian movies that are horny AF & where to watch them

We can't get enough sexy Sapphic films!

Reneé Rapp reveals she dealt with internalized homophobia after coming out on 'SNL'​

The Mean Girls star says that coming out as lesbian in a skit was a last minute decision.

Dakota Johnson lands queer role because of her infamous viral moment with Ellen DeGeneres

The actress went viral for correcting Ellen on air and now she's starring in the coming out movie Am I Ok?

How 'Prom Dates' leans into coming out, lesbian identity, and Rachel Weisz

Prom Dates stars Julia Lester and Terry Hu and writer, D.J. Mausner, and director, Kim O. Nguyen, chat with Pride about coming out, the word lesbian, friendship, and Rachel Weisz.

Reclaiming lesbian: Why the label ISN'T problematic & we love saying it!

Two proud lesbians take on the most complicated debates around the L word and explain why they will never give it up.

Did 'Real Housewives' star Jenna Lyons just confirm she's engaged to girlfriend Cass Bird?

"It is hard to ignore the thing on my finger," Lyons said.

What, exactly, is a stud lesbian?

And yes, "stud" and "butch" are different.

Here's every Pride celebration happening in the U.S. in 2024

Pride Month is almost here so it's time to start planning!

Is Khloé Kardashian embracing a lesbian phase?

Maybe we'd actually get to see her in a healthy relationship for once.

30 inspiring quotes for queer women to live by

Here are some inspirational quotes by queer women who have gone above and beyond to reach their dreams!

From sex to politics: 5 interesting facts from a new study about lesbians

To celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week we're digging into the data behind the lives of LGBTQ+ women.

Celebrate Kehlani's Birthday with 10 Iconic Style Moments

The queer singer-songwriter turns 29 today!

Billie Eilish wants her 'face in a vagina' & we completely understand

"I've been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn't understand," she said.

12 chaotic lesbian characters who we can't help but love

These lesbian characters may be problematic AF, but we love them anyway!

'Are you sisters?' How this assumption makes lesbian visibility a minefield

In a world of heteronormativity, this lesbian couple weighs safety or visibility each day.

Is Reneé Rapp a top? PRIDE investigates

The internet wants to know: Is Reneé a top? PRIDE gets to the bottom of it in this mystery in our VERY serious investigation!