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Sara Ramírez divorces Ryan DeBolt

The non-binary actor is starting a new chapter and officially closing an old one.

How this queer nonbinary musician found resilience and self-acceptance through music and love

Alexander Millar shares their experience from navigating a toxic record deal to discovering their true self.

From doubt to acceptance: my journey to embracing my queer identity

Through challenges and triumph, how embracing one's identity led to overcoming social perceptions and expectations.

Celebrate Kehlani's Birthday with 10 Iconic Style Moments

The queer singer-songwriter turns 29 today!

‘X-Men ‘97’ star JP Karliak on wokeness, ENBY rep & why *that* episode left him sobbing

PRIDE sat down with Morph's voice actor to talk about why this show isn't just entertaining, but a VITAL source of representation.

Companies are less likely to hire nonbinary job applicants using 'they' pronouns

A new report shows that job candidates who identify as nonbinary get fewer responses than their cisgender peers.

What is 'GNC lesbian' and why is it important to know?

Our community is gorgeously complex, here's how these Sapphics fit into the mix!

Corey Fogelmanis leaves Disney kid days behind in this powerful new queer film

I Wish You All the Best also serves as the directorial debut for trans actress Tommy Dorfman.

15 cisgender privileges you may not realize you have

Understanding this is one step to being the best ally possible to transgender people.

New Gallup poll proves the future is queer! LGBTQ+ identification reaches new high

The youths are here, queer, and identifying that way!

Grace Wilson becomes Australia's 1st pro soccer player to come out as nonbinary

LGBTQ+ visibility in sports continues to grow!

Marcia Gay Harden says 'hate mail' accused her of 'grooming' her 3 queer children

The actress publicly shared that all three of her kids are queer last year.

‘Layla’ is a stylish queer melodrama that could use another coat of polish

The film made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2024.

I turn anti-LGBTQ+ comments I get into poetry, creating beauty from ugliness

Nonbinary influencer Sarah Kate Smigiel writes about their gender journey and building a community with art born out of hate.

Breaking Down The Binary: Key Differences Between Sex & Gender

Subtle or huge, these have a major impact on individuality.

18 Pics From Throb Zombie's Dragula S5 Premiere Extravaganza That Have Us Feeling Things​

The drag king is currently heating things up on the fifth season of The Boulet Brothers' hit drag competition series.

25 Sexy Trans Masc & Nonbinary Celebs You Need To Follow On Instagram

These hot trans and nonbinary folks are breaking the internet!