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Taylor Zakhar Perez hints at more nudity in upcoming roles

He was called an Adonis for a reason, after all.

How can we stop queerbaiting?

Are we even able to determine what is and isn't queerbaiting anymore?

Billie Eilish's Coming Out Is Giving UWU Lez Energy & I Hate That For Us

"I Like Girls But I'm Scared Of Them" is so tired.

Bad Bunny Blasts Homophobic Responses To His Fashion Choices

The rapper explained why he sometimes wears women's clothes.

Here's Why Fans Think Billie Eilish Just Came Out

Not every coming out is a grand announcement.

Kyle Richards Plays Morgan Wade's Lover in New Music Video

The reality star is locking lips with her rumored girlfriend, while also facing accusations of queerbaiting.

Kylie Jenner Addresses Rumors She’s Got A Secret Sapphic Romance

Is she dating bestie Stassie Karanikolaou?

Kit Connor On His Coming Out Tweet & If He Has Regrets

The bisexual star of Heartstopper came out in response to accusations of “queerbaiting.”

Omar Apollo Calls Growing Up Gay With Catholic Rules 'Heartbreaking'

Being gay didn't mesh with the expectations his religion had for him.

Heatstopper's Alice Oseman On Fans Who Forced Kit Connor To Come Out

The creator isn’t holding back on the “fans” who pressured the young actor to publicly address his sexuality.

Noah Schnapp Praises Will's Stranger Things Storyline, Teases Season 5

Schnapp called Will's coming out journey "beautifully written."