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I turn anti-LGBTQ+ comments I get into poetry, creating beauty from ugliness

Nonbinary influencer Sarah Kate Smigiel writes about their gender journey and building a community with art born out of hate.

My queer story is powerful, and so is yours. Here's how to share it with us.

Equalpride's new community editor on championing storytelling as a revolutionary act to reclaim and celebrate the diverse narratives of the LGBTQ+ community.

30 TV Shows With Bisexual Guy Characters & Where To Watch Them

They can be hard to find, but shows with bisexual men do exist!

From Boy Bands To Baywatch: 15 Things From the '90s That Sparked Our Queer Awakening

Everything from the '90s that helped the gays know themselves in and out!

Billie Eilish's Coming Out Is Giving UWU Lez Energy & I Hate That For Us

"I Like Girls But I'm Scared Of Them" is so tired.

'Carol' Is Just Another Dull Film About White Lesbians

I dare you to ask me if I went to film school.

20 Trans Actors Who Are Changing Hollywood & Where You Can See Them Next

This is what representation looks like!

Meet 'Overwatch 2's First-Ever Nonbinary Character Set To 'Swashbuckle' Into Season 10

Get hyped — Venture is on their way!

Spencer Hoddeson Knows You're Thirsty & Is Here To Quench You With His 'Gay Water'

Finally, representation you can cheers too, and with.

10 Queer YA Books That Need To Be Made Into Movies

These queer books need to be turned into movies ASAP!

White Queer Folks Have A Straight Celebrity Problem

Unpacking this obsession and the erasure of POC queers that follow.

Jonathan Bennett On How 'Halloween Wars' Led To His Epic Love Story

The show utterly changed his love life forever.

Lil Nas X Helped His Brother Come Out, Too

The out musician’’s documentary revealed how living his truth helped his brother feel ready to share his identity.

Hyphen Hyphen Talks Queer Acceptance and New Album 'C'est la Vie'

French electro-pop band Hyphen Hyphen opens up about how they're uplifting LGBTQ+ listeners all around the world.

The Sims Introduces New Trans-Inclusive Options & We’re Cheering

The game has rolled out new top surgery scars, chest binders, and shapewear customizations.

Sherry Cola Steals The Show As The Gay Best Friend In Shortcomings

Cola plays a hilarious grad school drop out in Randall Park's upcoming rom-com, which premiered at Sundance.

Amrit Kapai & Nicholas Kouchoukos Tease Three-Day Wedding on 'Family Karma'

Plus, PRIDE has an exclusive clip as the couple attempt to expand their family.

Janelle Monáe Celebrates Inclusive Art for Reminding People 'Who We Are'

The Glass Onion star recently discussed the importance of representation.

Daniel Durant Celebrates the Deaf & LGBTQ+ Communities on 'DWTS'

Heading into '90s night, the actor is spilling on his place in the competition.