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‘Agatha’ Delayed Again & Conjures Up Another New Title

The wait for the Wandavision spin-off starring Joe Locke gets a bit longer.

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Just Met Their Future Daughter

Max's Harley Quinn catapulted the couple to an apocalyptic future filled with surprises.

'Riverdale' Series Finale Reveals A Surprising Secret Relationship

In the final episode we learn that some of the characters were in a 'quad' relationship!

Meet The Cast & Characters of 'The Boys' New Spinoff 'Gen V'

We’re excited to meet these Gen V characters entering the universe established on The Boys.

Watch: Tegan And Sara Take Comic-Con Back to 'Junior High'

The indie pop stars turned multimedia storytellers shared their experience writing a graphic novel, navigating those awkward middle school years, and more to a standing room only audience.

Joe Locke Dishes On His Camp Marvel Role & Why The Gays Will Love It

The Heartstopper star is set to play a mysterious role in Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Hamish Steele: Writing A Queer, Autistic Teen Helped Me Accept My Past

In this guest post from the creator of Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park they open up to PRIDE about how creating the character of Norma led to a major self-discovery.

'Heartstopper' Season 2 First-Look Pics, Plot Details & Premiere Date

We finally got our first look at Heartstopper season two!

​Archie Comics To Reintroduce Classic '80s Character As Trans

She will be the first trans character to appear in the series.

We Finally Have An Update About ‘Agatha: Coven Of Chaos’

Patti LuPone spills the tea and clears up any concerns that the show had been shelved.

Tegan & Sara Quin Are Producing Adaptation Of A Queer Graphic Novel

The duo’s empire continues to grow with this tale of “queers, feuding siblings, and magic.”

DC Announces 2023 Pride Anthologies: Harley Quinn, Jon Kent & More!

Doom Patrol writer Grant Morrison is among those contributing to the anthology.

Emma Corrin Joins the MCU As A (Likely) Super Villain In Deadpool 3

This nonbinary baddie is getting superpowers? Say less.

Isaac's Asexuality Will Be A Major Storyline On Heartstopper Season 2

Tobie Donovan’s character will play a larger role on Heartstopper season two.

The Flash Showrunner Confirms We'll See The Legends One Last Time

Legends of Tomorrow may not get a proper ending, but we'll get to say goodbye.

George Santos Claimed To Have Produced Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Of all the Broadway musicals, he lied about that one?

Twitter Reacts To Ezra Miller's Future As The Flash In DC Movies

Fans are overwhelmed and exhausted by the discourse surrounding Ezra Miller in the DCU.

Deadpool's Nonbinary Love Interest Is Winning Over Marvel Comics Fans

The relationship continued to blossom in the most recent issue.

DC To Introduce New Trans Hero In Upcoming Lazarus Planet Comic

Meet the new character who is "not super into the binary."

New DC Comic Features a Pregnant Joker

He doesn't exactly scream father of the year...