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Marjorie Taylor Greene ROASTED after dumb insult against Trump judge fails

Did the far-right Republican just tell a judge to strip?

Trump is booed when he announces his tacky sneakers and we can't stop LAUGHING

We know he has bills to pay, but just no. These are terrible.

Yes, Nikki Haley sucks too — 6 trash things she said about the LGBTQ+ community

Just because she's running against Trump doesn't mean she's not terrible too!

Ron DeSantis finally attacks Trump but in the most cowardly possible way and we are CACKLING

The Florida Governor nixed a plan to pay for Trump's legal fees

5 times Trump showed signs of possible mental decline & isn't fit for the White House

Trump claims Joe Biden has dementia, but recent gaffs have the internet saying #TrumpIsNotWell.

Watch This Gay Trump Supporter Get The Shock Of His Life When He Realizes Republicans Are Homophobes

Republican Rob Smith got a rude awakening when a crowd of MAGA true believers turned on him.

Eric Trump Throws A Fit On Social Media Over Judges Ruling In Fraud Case

The lesser-known Trump kid had a tantrum over daddy's fraud finally catching up to them.