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Did David Archuleta just come out as a top?

The out and proud singer is being a little coy in a new TikTok.

Christians crucify Lil Nas X over Jesus Christ promo, but the clap backs are giving us life

I mean, y'all wanted him to find Jesus after grinding on Satan during the previous era.

Drag queens started a 'full drag / out of drag' trend & we're living for it

These drag artists are showing how much they transform from full-drag to out-of-drag.

Dixon Dallas' Latest Raunchy Track Has Us All Choked Up (In A Naughty Way)

"Something to Feel" definitely has us feeling things.

This Gay Couple Threw A Divorce Party Together & Become Ex Couples' Goals

Getting divorced can now be turned into high-engagement Instagram content, too!

How Art Bezrukavenko Went From The Ukraine To A Viral Sensation

The popular TikTok creator moved to the USA to be himself and start a new life.

OMG These Fake Celeb Charity Auction Listings Are High Key Hilarious

All of these need to happen immediately.

John Duff Reveals The Hilarious Story Behind His Naked Music Video

The star is baring all and challenging the music industry in his new song.

Chris Meloni Just Roasted Marjorie Taylor Greene In An Epic Way

Daddy just put the congresswoman in her place.

A Manatee Has Died After Having 'High-Intensity' Sex With His Brother

Well, that's certainly one way to go out.

TikTokers Recreate Iconic 'Spider-Man' Kiss, But Make It Gay

Eat your heart out, Tobey Maguire.

'Barbenheimer' Memes Are Slaying The Marketing Game For These Films

Whether you're team Barbie, team Oppenheimer, or rooting for both, everyone's winning.

Grimace Is A Gay Icon Now — Deal With It

The purple McDonald’s mascot’s milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard.

42 Adorable Queer Instacouples You Need to Follow

These queer couples are almost too cute to be true, but they absolutely are and you need to fill your feed with them right now!

Watch This Shoplifter Try To Steal A Giant 30-Inch Dildo

Only in West Hollywood...