Gigi Gorgeous Celebrates Trans Awareness Week With Good Friends & Champagne

Dustin Diehl

In celebration of Transgender Awareness Week, YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous (who recently made headlines recently when she came out as a lesbian and announced her relationship with model and socialite Nats Getty) got together with some of her LGBTQ friends to talk love, sex and politics—over brunch, of course!

The brunch guests included Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign Sarah McBride, gay fellow YouTuber Kingsley, reality show personality EJ Johnson, and international trans model Andreja Pejic.

The group talks about first times having sex, what pronouns they prefer, and discuss recent trans (and anti-trans) legislation. If there's one thing we sure of, it's that we so wish we were at this brunch too!

Watch Gigi's video below (and try not to feel too much FOMO for not being at this fabulous brunch...)!

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