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5 Queer Reasons Jessica Jones Deserves a Binge

5 Queer Reasons 'Jessica Jones' Deserves a Binge

5 Queer Reasons 'Jessica Jones' Deserves a Binge

Photo: Netflix

Ok, so the reasons to binge watch Netflix's latest original series aren't just queer ones, but Jessica Jones is dishing out some pretty awesome LGBTQ, non-gender-conformist, feminist, Bechdel-test-passing bad-assery, so compared to a lot of the other heteronormative fare out there, we think this show is definitely a queer must-watch.

1. Jessica Owns Her Sexuality

Whether it's choosing a second whiskey over a second date or engaging in (literal) bed-breaking sex with the delicious Luke Cage, Jessica is not afraid to wield her sexuality how she wants.

Jessica Jones Luke Cage Bed

2. Power Lesbians For Days

Carrie-Anne Moss (yes, from The Matrix) is rocking her best Claire Underwood haircut and ki-lling-it as bad-ass lawyer Jeri Hogarth (a character originally portrayed by a man in the comics). Throw in a sexy new girlfriend (who also happens to work for her) and a prominent doctor (soon-to-be) ex-wife and you have the most interesting lesbian power struggle since Orange is the New Black.

Carrie-Anne Moss Jeri Hogarth

3. Abuse Can Be Overcome

A central theme of the show deals with the aftermath of abuse (physical, emotional, psychological), something all-too-familiar for many in the LGBTQ community. And recovery is not all smiles and kumbaya. It can be violent and painful and include more than a few stiff drinks. But there is hope.

Jessica Jones

4. Hotties with Bodies

Ok, there's of course eye candy — for everyone. Jessica's body be bangin'. Her feisty friend Trish — dayum. And Luke Cage. Mmmm. We can't even.

Luke Cage

5. Passes the Bechdel Test

You know, that test that almost every movie and TV show fails. The one where two women can actually have a conversation about something other than a man. Seems simple, but surprisingly difficult. Good on you, Jessica Jones.


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