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11 Times Paily Was Pretty Little Liars' Perfect Pair 

11 Times Paily Was Pretty Little Liars' Perfect Pair

11 Times Paily Was Pretty Little Liars' Perfect Pair

In honor of Lindsey Shaw's birthday today, we're celebrating PLL's OTP.


Pretty Little Liars has given us many beautiful, terrifying, and unforgettable moments over the years, but nothing has been more of all three than Paily. And by "Paily," we're of course referring to Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw), the couple that stole our hearts and nearly each others' lives on more than one occasion on the now-Freeform hit series. Since it's Lindsey Shaw's birthday today, we've decided it's also Official Paily Day. Has Emily had the best luck with women? Safe to say certainly not, but when she and Paige made it work, it was never better. Of course, Paige ultimately made the much smarter choice to leave the dangers of Rosewood behind her, but we're still holding out for a Paily reunion when Pretty Little Liars finally calls it quits next season. Here's to the best of times and hopefully many more before we say goodbye to PLL forever!

11. When they indulged in sexy moonlit make outs, next to the pool instead of Paige trying to drown Emily in the pool.

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10. When Paige apparently realized that if she was going to date the most plagued girl in Rosewood, she would have to master the art of consoling.


9. But when they were happy, they managed to make their happiness look like the happiest anyone could ever be.


8. They really did make it work through thick, thin, and every haircut imaginable.


7. And they were nothing if not fully capable of rocking a costume party. 

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6. Really, has a themed dance party ever been more successfully themed/danced? These two gave us the hoedown throwdown we truly deserved.


5. And while sexual tension is great, do you know what's also great? Karaoke. Can we get these ladies on Lip Sync Battle, please?


4. When Paige was the best of all the Santas. Merry Christmas to us all.

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="270" width="480"]


3. When Paily found a way to never shine brighter than during PLL's special 'film noir' episode.


2. For real, this kiss did not stop happening. 


1. When they were the high school dream team and didn't care who knew it. 


Happy birthday, Lindsey Shaw, and thanks for all these beautiful memories!


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