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These 10 Moments From the New OITNB Trailer Are Driving Us Crazy

These 10 Moments From the New 'OITNB' Trailer Are Driving Us Crazy

These 10 Moments From the New 'OITNB' Trailer Are Driving Us Crazy

Looks like there won't be a dry eye in Litchfield this season.


In just a little over a month, we'll be cancelling all of our plans in favor of binge-watching the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Until then, we've been scrutinizing every new shred of content we're given, and today is a particularly lucky day. The official trailer for the fourth season was just released, and it's as quippy, shiver-inducing, and emotional as you could imagine. We couldn't possibly nail down one moment we're most excited to behold this season when we return to Litchfield, so here are ten that already have us at the edge of our seat. 

10. The return of our faves

The trailer starts off with Cindy, Poussey, and Crazy Eyes sharing their wonderful brand of wisdom with the world. All we want is more. 

9. Secretary Taystee

As Caputo's new secretary, we're sure this is one of many golden moments for Taystee this season. We'll take as many as we can get from this reliable scene-stealer. 

8. Over 100 potential new characters

That's right, 100 new inmates plus new COs means there will be no shortage of opportunities for new drama. Consider Litchfield's law, "Whoever might not get along, will not get along."

7.  Sofia's unjust isolation

Sofia was sent to SHU last season after being attacked by a transphobic inmate, and just this one glimpse is enough to know this is likely going to be the season's most intense plotline.  

6.  Piper getting into even more damn messes

Didn't think it was possible for Piper to dig herself even deeper into a slew of disasters? Think again. It will never not be possible for Piper to get into all the trouble.

5.  A literal SWAT team needs to be called in

When you call a SWAT team to a prison, something went hella down.

4. Every single character is going to cry

This is just a tiny glimpse of the crying (which, hey, does seem to come a lot from Morello). Watch the entire trailer to see more of your faves cry. 

3. Soso and Poussey become "Pousoso"

We've been waiting a year to see these two together after they connected last season, and it looks like we won't be disappointed. 

2. Crazy Eyes will break our hearts

Oh god, what went down here? She'll be okay, right? Why does poor Suzanne always end up getting the worst end of the deal?

1. June 17th is right around the corner

What are you most exciting for this season? Do you wish we'd gotten a glimpse of Alex in this trailer? Shout out in the comments and get ready for your epic summertime binge to begin!

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