Samira Wiley Is Coming Back to TV, and We’re So Excited

Rachel Charlene Lewis

In the best news EVER, Orange Is The New Black’s Samira Wiley is going to be in the third season of You’re the Worst. But she isn’t going to be anything like Poussey (sadface). She’s going to play a therapist, which is pretty different from her role with OITNB. Still, we're pumped to get to see her in action again.

About the role, she told Entertainment Weekly:

"The creator of the show, Stephen Falk, I’d worked with him before on Orange Is the New Black. He actually wrote the episode that was [Poussey’s] backstory, so we got to work pretty closely together. And I am a big fan of [You’re the Worst]; I think it’s such smart television. So he had this character that’s gonna be part of this season, and he thought of me for the role."

On [SPOILER] leaving OITNB, Samira said it felt like home, but she's excited for the new move:

"Orange really felt like my home set. So I sort of felt like the new kid in school, being on a different set. My experience was made so much better by everyone on set. Those actors are so warm and welcoming, genuinely excited for me to be there, and I felt excited to be there."

Tune into You're The Worst on FXX on Aug. 31!

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