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Sorry, Bridgerton Won't Be Adding LGBTQ+ Romance Any Time Soon

Sorry, 'Bridgerton' Won't Be Adding LGBTQ+ Romance Any Time Soon

Sorry, 'Bridgerton' Won't Be Adding LGBTQ+ Romance Any Time Soon

The showrunner dismissed discussion of LGBTQ+ rep in a recent interview.


Bridgerton fans hoping for some LGBTQ+ inclusivity are going to have to keep holding their breaths, according to a recent interview with the new showrunner.

Jess Brownell spoke with Variety about taking charge of the popular Netflix show following Chris Van Dusen’s departure, and where the story will be headed for season three. The series is skipping over the next book for the time being and focusing instead on the relationship between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, which is already shaping up to be a controversial move.

But drumming up more drama was Browell’s response to the question of whether there would ever be LGBTQ+ relationships coming to the steamy series, with interviewer Emily Longeretta specifically pointing out that focusing on keeping endgames the same for adaptations has a tendency to lock LGBTQ+ rep out of the equation.

“Right now, I really am so focused on Pen and Colin and how we’re rolling them out that my head’s really in that in the day to day, but maybe at a later date that’s something we can talk about,” Browell replied.

The lack of queer rep has been painfully obvious in Bridgerton,  especially considering the show has gone out of its way to be inclusive in terms of race despite being a period piece.

While on the one hand, it’s understandable that a showrunner might not want to theorize about things they haven’t planned out or gotten approved yet, the fact that we’re heading into season three and LGBTQ+ characters are still, at best, an afterthought getting tossed down the line is deeply disappointing.

It really shouldn't be this complicated to make things inclusive. And if it's something the people making the show cared about, it wouldn't be.

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