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We can't pin down why we're in love with Anna Kendrick. Maybe it's because of her stellar voice on Pitch Perfect and Into The Woods. Maybe it's because of her hilarious and super sex-positive Twitter account (where she describes herself as "pale, awkward, and very very small.") Maybe it's just because the Twilight alum seems like the awkward, self-deprecating, and no-nonsence bestie we always wanted. Whatever it is, we're in deep. From the woods of Forks, Washington to Barden University, Pride is following her every note—or trying to, anyway.

Review: Pitch Perfect 2 Aca-Almost Hits All the Right Notes

Or rather, Pitch Pretty Great but Not Quite Perfect.

WATCH: Anna Kendrick Crushes on Emily Blunt on Lip Sync Battle

If only Emily were there to receive the love.

WATCH: Ellen and Meryl Recreate Oscar Selfie with Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt

Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, and of course Ellen are here to make your day.

10 Spectacular On-Screen Lady Couples We'd LOVE to See in 2015

Realistic? Debatable. Amazing? 100x YES.

Watch: 'Pitch Perfect' Covers Nicki Minaj's 'Starships'

Happy Tuesday! Glee clubs are big business in Hollywood thanks to that little Ryan Murphy show. Pitch Perfect, which hits theaters Oct. 5, stars Anna Kendrick (Camp, Up in the Air), Anna Camp (The Good Wife, True Blood, House of Lies) , Rebel Wilson (Bachelorette) and Brittany Snow as college women engaged in a battle of the sexes with the rival guys’ show choir. If that’s not enough to watch – singer Ester Dean plays a lesbian character in the glee club.

Watch: Anna Kendrick Starrer 'Pitch Perfect's' Riff-Off Features Ester Dean's Out Character

Pitch Perfect, the debut feature from Avenue Q director Jason Moore, is an irreverent new comedy about the cutthroat competition among collegiate a capella singers.