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15 Underrated Cartoon Characters We Low-Key Had A Crush On

Keep your Prince Charmings and Prince Erics! This list is dedicated to the underrated heartthrobs with TRUE hearts of gold!

From Boy Bands To Baywatch: 15 Things From the '90s That Sparked Our Queer Awakening

Everything from the '90s that helped the gays know themselves in and out!

14 Nickelodeon Girls Who Ruled Our Hearts

The original #GirlPower squad!

10 Ways 'Sailor Moon' Was Way Gayer Than You Remember

A lot of queer stuff was left out of the American version of the super popular anime.

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20 heartthrobs gay '90s kids secretly loved

The '90s were the best. Seriously.

20 Disney crushes we still can't get over

Someday our prince will come!

'Cruella' Star John McCrea Opens Up About Playing Gay in a Disney Film

"As long as you're not hurting anybody, why shouldn't you be able to live your life in any way you want to?" the actor told PRIDE.

Lady Gaga Sang 'Smelly Cat' With Lisa Kudrow on the 'Friends' Reunion

We didn't even know we needed a Gaga & Lisa Kudrow collab in our lives! 

Phil & Lil's Mom Betty Is Gay in Upcoming 'Rugrats' Reboot

The beloved '90s cartoon favorite said "gay rights!"

Even 'Mulan' Voice Actor BD Wong Says Li Shang Is Sexually Fluid

Li Shang is a queer icon, confirmed! 

Here's Who's Playing Who in the New Live-Action 'Powerpuff Girls'

The '90s cartoon favorite is coming back for a whole new generation!

Move Over Bert & Ernie! This Fanfic Recognizes the True Gay Muppets

This is now a Statler and Waldorf stan account.

Here's Why the Straights Are Yelling About Lola Bunny's Boobs

The Space Jam character's updated redesign has some people in a tizzy...

12 Girls Every Queer '90s Kid Secretly Loved

'90s TV shows were LIFE for kids that grew up in the greatest (and last) decade of the 20th century.

Is Gay Inclusion the Reason the Lizzie McGuire Reboot Isn't Happening?

Lizzie actress herself Hilary Duff broke the sad, sad news on her Instagram earlier today.

Yes, a Hot Colonel Sanders Movie Starring Mario Lopez Is a Real Thing

The perfect cursed way to end a completely cursed year...

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Selma Blair Recreated THAT Iconic Movie Kiss

The Cruel Intentions stars blessed the MTV Movie & TV Awards with the legendary moment that awoke many queer '90s kids!