10 Signs You've Been With Your Girlfriend For a Long Time

Briana Gonzalez

When you and your girlfriend started dating, there were so many unknown things. So many instances where you’d find yourself playing shy or coy, trying to keep your allure and lust-worthyness alive.


All of that, and I mean ALL of that, goes out the window once you’ve been together for more than a year. Partially because you learn so much about the other one that all the shiny newness goes away, and partially because it’s fucking exhausting to keep that game going for so long.

These are some telltale signs of a lesbian relationship that’s lasted for a while:

1. Your periods have synced up


Have fun with that one :)

2. You’ve forgotten who own’s what clothes

Mostly shirts. But even now you can’t remember who bought the Banana Republic mens underwear. Or if those are your pants. And it doesn’t really matter ;)

3. You know each other’s phone pass codes

Or at least the people in healthy long relationships do.

4. You alert the other when you’ve pooped


Mostly so they steer clear of the bathroom for a bit.

5. You know what warm tasty beverage they want in the morning and how they take it

coffee woman

She likes matê and you want coffee with milk. Or at least that’s me and my girl.

6. You know each other’s “I’ve had a bad day” movie.

kim sad

And know when it needs to be turned on.

7. You know exactly how to turn each other on

And what’s required to finish what you’ve started.

8. You’re both totes down with period sex


Because you’re horniest then, so wtf-ever.

9. Every night is Netflix & chill

the real l word

Hooking up is optional.

10. Farts are no longer held in your body for uncomfortable amounts of time


And you’re totally allowed to shame each other for extra smelly ones.

We’d love to hear what other things you’ve noticed have happened with you and your long-time girlfriend. Leave them in the comments below!

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