'Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie and Arizona: What’s Next For the Lesbian Couple in Season 8

'Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie and Arizona: What’s Next For the Lesbian Couple in Season 8

Grey’s Anatomy's resident bisexual surgeon, Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and lesbian pediatrics specialist, Dr. Arizona Robbins, have already embraced, injuries, motherhood, parental duties, and each other, in holy matrimony.

But what is next for lesbian’s favorite primetime couple, lovely known around the blogs as ‘Calzona’?

After Ellen had an ear to ABC’s TCA party last night, and have a full report on all the details producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers revealed about the future of the fair couple.

The lesbian coupling that surpassed all others in “on-screen sexy time... on primetime network television” will be providing ample doses of tender moments, exploring their character’s new roles of teachers, and a much-deserved break for the newlyweds.

AfterEllen.com reports Beers said of Calzona’s future in upcoming episodes, "I feel like right now, those two deserve — given what they've gone through, traffic accidents, they had a baby, it was super premature, Callie went through a windshield — they should get a break. Two lovely women who are in love should actually get a tiny break!"

Beers continued, “I think their relationship — it's in a really good place, so I think one of the things we're interested in doing is exploring that plus themselves as teachers, which, for a little bit, was not the area we were focusing on but, now, is something we're really interested in doing. But we're so excited about the relationship because we really feel those two characters work so well together and really have a solid base. It's kind of cool."

And fans needn’t fret about Callie or Zona going away anytime soon.

“I think Sara is a person I can write for endlessly,” Rhimes added. “Jessica as well."

The creative team behind Shondaland productions is also adding a new series to the mid-season lineup, Scandal, starring Kerry Washington as a top tier PR expert who formerly served the President as a media consultant. Rhimes and Beers promised the new show would include characters every bit as LGBT-inclusive and “fabulous” as hit series Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Scandal costars Josh Malina, Tony Goldwyn, and out actor Guillermo Díaz.

For more on what’s in store for Calzona on new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, read the complete article on AfterEllen.com.

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