Why You Can't Watch Olympia Dukakis Go Lesbian In 'Cloudburst'

Why You Can't Watch Olympia Dukakis Go Lesbian In 'Cloudburst'

Thom Fitzgerald (The Hanging Garden) directs two Oscar-winners, Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker, in his critically acclaimed lesbian road movie, Cloudburst, which has been slowly making its rounds on the festival circuit for the past year.

But thanks to a lack of financing and flashy, cash-drawing appeal to younger viewers, Cloudburst has no U.S. release date, according to Canadian site News1130

Nevertheless, Dukakis and Fricker have excellent on-screen chemistry as a long-term but still passionate lesbian couple on a road trip from Maine to Nova Scotia to get married. You’ll root for this latter-day Thelma and Louise to have a happy ending to their journey, on which they pick up a handsome gay male hitchhiker and encounter various other complications. 

News1130 reports that the film did get a few screenings in Canada, and even garnered a two-time airing on Lifetime in Mexico. Of course, one of those showtimes was at 3 a.m., said Dukakis. 

"It’s probably [because the characters are] old and lesbian," Fitzgerald told News1130. "Old women and lesbian feels like you’re not going to get any younger audience and that seems to be what everybody is after…. The other part of it is they probably feel there would be a lot of people who would not care to see it, be offended by it, who knows what. This is a strange time with all of that."

Since there's no U.S. release date set, check out the trailer below. (Disregard the initial text in Italian — the trailer is in English.)


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