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Friends and Fans Pay Tribute to Late Project Runway Alum Chris March

Friends and Fans Pay Tribute to Late 'Project Runway' Alum Chris March

Friends and Fans Pay Tribute to Late 'Project Runway' Alum Chris March

The designer passed away after two years of medical problems.


Project Runway designer Chris March has passed away at the age of 56.

March was a fan favorite from his first appearance on season 4 of the reality competition show, known for his avant-garde looks and big personality. He also appeared in a later All Stars match up for the show and had a ten-episode show of his own on Bravo, Mad Fashion.

Reports say the designer suffered a fatal heart attack, after two years of medical issues stemming from a horrible fall that left him in a coma for two months.

Now, friends and fans alike have taken to social media to share their memories of March, and condolences over his passing.

“He designed for everyone from Beyoncé, Gaga, Madonna, Meryl, Prince and many legendary downtown drag queens (And Sonja Morgan!),” wrote Bravo’s Andy Cohen. “He had a big booming laugh; he was a joy and delight.”

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“We are deeply saddened by the news of Chris March’s passing,” said a spokesperson for Bravo. “He was a favorite among Bravo fans and the fashion community. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. He will truly be missed.”

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