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New Study Says 'Tomboy Gene' Leads to Promiscuity

New Study Says 'Tomboy Gene' Leads to Promiscuity

New Study Says 'Tomboy Gene' Leads to Promiscuity

Have fun out there tomboys...

Hold on, did we read this right? A study conducted by Kings College London found that tomboys - regardless of sexuality - have a gene that makes them more promiscuous than their more girly counterparts, according to the Daily Mail. 

The study claims that the same gene that makes women masculine is also responsible for the gene that makes them have loads of sexual partners. And, yes, "loads" is a technical term. 


The fact that tomboys have sex more means that the "masculine gene" continues to stays in circulation, which means there's a higher chance that lesbians will be produced, according to the study (or to the Daily Mail). It's honestly tough to tell from the way it was written. Either way it sounds like a joke, so we'll let you be the judge: 

“The finding helps explain why homosexuality doesn’t die out, even though lesbian couples are not able to naturally have children carrying the genes of each partner," according to the study. 

"This is because straight tomboys have more lovers than others – and so the ‘tomboy DNA’ stays in circulation." 


Apparently, genes account for 30 percent of sexuality while conditions in the womb and socialization could account for the remaining 70. 

Head on over to The Daily Mail to read more about the study. Oh, and Tomboys -- have fun out there.

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