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27 Truths Only '90s Queer Girls Know

27 Truths Only '90s Lesbians and Bisexual Girls Know

27 Truths Only '90s Lesbians and Bisexual Girls Know

From Riot Grrrls to Lilith, the '90s were heady times for queer girls.


1. Cleaning your closet and finding your ticket stub(s) for Go Fish in an old Doc Marten.



2. Your bedroom wall was papered with the k.d. Lang/Cindy Crawford Vanity Fair cover. 



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3. You still feel forever changed from that time you had your first tofu hijiki patty at the feminist vegan collective. 



4. There's a framed copy of your first zine hanging in your living room. 



5. You made a pilgrimage to Northampton Mass., after the National Enquirer dubbed it "Lesbianville U.S.A." (this was the only time you chose to believe anything in the Enquirer). 



6. Every now and again you have a burning desire to go full Thelma and Louise and shout, "I'll bet he called us 'beavers' on his CB radio" to a trucker making lewd gestures.  



7. You camped out in front of the local queer bookstore (they had them in those days) waiting for the next installment of Dykes to Watch Out For. 



8. You threw a party for the Friends' lesbian wedding episode. 



9. You rented a banquet hall for Ellen's coming out episode. 



10. You were Sporty Spice, but you were in love with Scary Spice. 



11. You'll never forget where you were the moment you discovered Angelnia Jolie in Gia. 




12. You met the first love of your life while shouting "We're here, we're queer" during the 1993 March on Washington. 



13. You still remember the thrill of "eating fire" with the Lesbian Avengers. 



14. Your dog now has a beautiful bed made from your flannel shirt collection. 



15. You dressed like Kathleen Hanna for all of 1991. 



16. Every now and then you look down and remember that you actually have a pierced navel from 1993. 



17. You were NEVER going to get "The Rachel," but you wouldn't have minded running your fingers through it. 




18. Your dream job was to become a professor so you could teach an entire class on the feminism of Ani Difranco.  "Every tool is a Weapon if You Hold it Right," was your mantra. 




19. That copy of Tipping the Velvet on your book shelf is held together with duct tape and paper clips. 



20. That cute girl you made out with during Fiona Apple's set at Lilith Fair is now a married mother of three and is following you on Instagram. 




21. Your Columbia House CDs of Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Lauryn Hill, Paula Cole, Natalie Merchant, and Cowboy Junkies were on heavy rotation on your Sony 3-disc CD player. 



22. You learned the hard way that the deodorant crystal was natural for a reason. 



23. You really wanted Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim to stop feuding and make out already. 



24. You're still mad about Fried Green Tomatoes. 



25. Your closet stills smells of CK1. 




26. You really identified with Kit's struggle in A League of Their Own. 



27. You're thinking of calling your ex to see if your copy of the Indigo Girls' Nomads, Indians, and Saints is still stuck in the player of her old Tercel from that last road trip to Madison that you took together. 




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