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Finally! Tomboy Inspired Lingerie Courtesy of BEX NYC

Finally! Tomboy Inspired Lingerie Courtesy of BEX NYC

Finally! Tomboy Inspired Lingerie Courtesy of BEX NYC

Lesbian Designer Steps to The Plate

Light up your candles, Tomboy. Start that bubble bath. Do not pass out before the night gets hot because you are sensitive to the heat in the warm, seductive bubble bath. Chances are if you're shopping for Tomboy Lingerie, it's a special night.

There's a gaping, gaping hole in tomboy fashion (not where you thought I was going with that, huh) where a plethora of sporty lingerie offerings should be. That, and a lesbian (broad stroking here) bathing suit that might as well be a unicorn at this point that could be an alternative to a one piece bathing suit (or board short and sports bra) that the average tomboy would feel comfortable in. (The first person who comes up that kind of bathing suit with that will be a billionaire, so if you have any ideas, toss them my way!).

This is why I'm proud to Introduce BEX NYC, a lesbian owned lifestyle brand incorporating bras, panties, nightwear, and naughty accessories that take men inspired details and put them on sexy silhouettes. While the pieces aren't gonna work for the extremely masculine of center women, those androgynous leaning might find a fun home in some of these pieces. Not to mention, this is a fantastic start to alternative offerings.

Some of the pieces are pretty masculine, and very fun. Take this piece that immediately caught my eye, Untied Necklace:

If you're feeling slightly naughtier, there's this BEX NYC leather collar that lost the rest of the jacket along the way. Oops (read: She wont mind):

This tuxedo inspired lingerie is pretty cool too:


I think the pieces are really sexy, if not for me, for my lady. Have a perusal and support a lesbian owned business. Thanks Bex NYC!

In All Things Tomboy,

Lianna Carrera


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Lianna Carrera is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles, CA. This space is what happens when a comedian runs a fashion blog. Meet our newest Tomboy fashion blogger, here.



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