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5 Tomboy Taste Makers on Must-Have Clothing Items For Your Closet

5 Tomboy Taste Makers on Must-Have Clothing Items For Your Closet

5 Tomboy Taste Makers on Must-Have Clothing Items For Your Closet

On-point recommendations from your Tomboy industry leaders...

These tomboy tastemakers are the women to follow for fashion. Here they offer tips for always looking completely put-together and hot. 

Meet Norel. Norel C. Mancuso, President & CEO of Social House, Inc. a full-service Social Media agency specializing in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle brands worldwide. Whenever I see Norel around Los Angeles, she is always looking on point, and is a personal style inspiration of mine. 

When I asked Norel what is one item she can't live without, she pointed me to her J Brand Leather Jacket:

"Day or night, my J Brand Aiah Black Leather Jacket is a staple in my closet that I cannot live without. This jacket feels like armor when I put it on, not to mention it goes with pretty much everything." - Norel C. Mancuso, President & CEO of Social House, Inc.

To keep up with Norel, as well as her successful world-wide social media campaigns, follow her instagram here and keep up with their Facebook page here.

Next up we have Emma Mcllroy, CEO of Wildfang. Wildfang; not just a "brand" but band of thieves, tomboys, rascals and hellions who are delicious trend setters of Tomboy fashion.

I had the opportunity to visit the Wildfang headquarters in Portland, Oregon and was blown away by attention to every detail! I tried on clothes in some sort of tree fort contraption with literal sails from a sail-boat locking up the dressing room. Wildfang, gush, gush, gush, my heart. Marry me. Or at the very least tell me what a must have is for my closet.

"That's easy. The TOMBOY tee!! And why do I love it?? This is the tee that tells the world who you are. It tells them you are an original. It says you are bold, cheeky and not afraid to raise a little hell on occasion." - Emma, CEO Wildfang.

Sidenote: Emma has an Irish accent. Melty, melt, melt. To join the Wildfang pack follow them on twitter here, and like them on Facebook here

I'd definitely call comedian Cameron Esposito a Tomboy taste maker. From appearing on The Late Late Show to E!'s Chelsea Handler, to hosting a live taped weekly podcast Put Your Hands Together at the Upright Citizens Brigade; Cameron is hot, hot, hot!

Photo Credit: Scott Council

I am thrilled to feature a fellow comic and even more thrilled she was willing to share. According to Cameron a must have for tomboys in their closet:
"If genders were Mad Men, I'd have a Don heart & a Joan bod. Point is: I'm a bit curvy and I think suits look too feminine on me for my taste. And thus enters the ole jean jac. A jean jacket is definitely my signature item - on stage or off and, realistically, probably to your wedding if you invite me. I love that it can be very casual or kinda fancy if paired with a vest or tie.

Thanks Cameron! To keep up with this funny lady you can like her on Facebook here and follow her on twitter here.

Next up, we have Fran Dunaway, the adorable CEO and co-founder of TomboyX clothing line.

Fran took her recommendation back to the basix, thinking about what will feel comfortable on your skin, and underneath your clothes. What a lovely gentlewoman!


"The Tomboyx Tank & Brief is a must when you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, all day, every day."

To keep up with TomboyX you can like them on Facebook here, and follow on twitter here.

Lastly and certainly not least is Sharpe Suiting's Director of Promotions and Styling, Vanessa Craig.

Sharpe suiting is a custom tailoring experience that creates high quality suits and dresswear specifically for members of our community.

So, Vanessa! What's one must-have for our closets? Vanessa answered with the one, the only, the bolo tie.


"Even more coveted than my Sharpe suit, my ONE must have is my bolo tie. It's too cool to keep in the closet, so it has it's own shrine.  #yolo #bolo #staysharpe" Hahahah Yolo, Bolo. I love this Vanessa!


For more information on Sharpe Suiting and how they are uniquely positioned to meet your suiting needs, visit their website here: Sharpe. We Fit You.

That's it for this edition of Tomboy Taste Makers. Thanks to all of our fashionistas for sharing.

In All Things Tomboy,



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Lianna Carrera is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles, CA. This space is what happens when a comedian runs a fashion blog. Meet our newest Tomboy fashion blogger, here.


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