5 Tomboy Taste Makers on Must-Have Clothing Items For Your Closet

These tomboy tastemakers are the women to follow for fashion. Here they offer tips for always looking completely put-together and hot. 

Meet Norel. Norel C. Mancuso, President & CEO of Social House, Inc. a full-service Social Media agency specializing in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle brands worldwide. Whenever I see Norel around Los Angeles, she is always looking on point, and is a personal style inspiration of mine. 

When I asked Norel what is one item she can't live without, she pointed me to her J Brand Leather Jacket:

"Day or night, my J Brand Aiah Black Leather Jacket is a staple in my closet that I cannot live without. This jacket feels like armor when I put it on, not to mention it goes with pretty much everything." - Norel C. Mancuso, President & CEO of Social House, Inc.

To keep up with Norel, as well as her successful world-wide social media campaigns, follow her instagram here and keep up with their Facebook page here.


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