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Last-Minute LGBT Halloween Costumes? No problem!

Last-Minute LGBT Halloween Costumes? No problem!

Last-Minute LGBT Halloween Costumes? No problem!

to inspire you!

Halloween is near which means costumes are here! For those of you looking for LGBT themed costumes, we've got a couple ideas to throw your way. First up!


1. For you couples! - The Lesbian Merge.



Hold up! You've officially merged so why not have fun with the tradition too. Grab a friend, or even your real life boo-boo, and rock the lesbian merge this Halloween. Mom tats, Bandanas, and Pony shirts are not optional.

2. Heading out single? No problem. Go as your favorite WNBA Player and her biggest FAN! Grab any WNBA Jersey and an electrical fan (get it?). You'll have the entire party in stitches. Or at least cooled off by the snack table. The actual basketball is optional here.

3. This adorable League of Their Own costume would make a really cute butch-femme idea. I want to steal it immediately.

These are available all over the web but you can start your search here , or opt for a DIY project here.

4. Have a partner that won't dress up? I feel their pain! Try going as this rain and hold her hand. That's what we'll call a Rain + beau.

This is a great DIY " Rain" Costume with Clouds + Beads

5. Last but not least, try any dynamic duo.  Amy Poehler + Tina Fey is the best I can think of. Go as America's favorite past time. While not officially lesbians, I'm certain they'd support us appropriating their amazingess and promoting them to honorary lesbos for the night.

What'd we miss? Let us know in the comments below!






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