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Ellen DeGeneres Launches Clothing Line and More

Ellen DeGeneres Launches Clothing Line and More

Ellen DeGeneres Launches Clothing Line and More

The queen of funny shares her tastes with the world.

Watch out, fellow shoppers. Ellen has her eye on becoming a designer full time. And not just of clothes, but of everything. We're talking napkins, cups, gardening tools, furniture, interior design; all of it. Vogue Magazine recently followed Ellen and Portia to France for a "visual fact-finding inspiration" trip, in which mostly we find out that Ellen is riiiich!!! Seriously, Ellen talks about so many brands of furniture that I can't pronounce. 

"I did the Pier One thing when I had no money, and I know how to live that life," Ellen told Vogue, "although she now runs to Prouvé and Royère." - (Vogue)

Before we laugh at Ellen for calling Pier 1 the place where broke comedians shop (Ellen, it's now Craigslist), let us all remember that Ellen earned that Proovaaee, and Rohyeh-re furniture. She was once cast out of Hollywood for saying, "Yep, I'm gay!" and had an unexpected comeback. So naturally this is my favorite part of the interview from Vogue.

"Ellen's first night in Paris has been a sleepless one, as her cell phone bleeped a symphony of text updates on the Emmys. "As of this morning, we have won 51," she tells me nonchalantly. Not bad for an eleven-year run that began only after a battle with television executives who, as Ellen herself notes, questioned what a perky lesbian comic could have to say on daytime TV-watching Americans. 'What are housewives going to watch her for? What does she have in common with straight women?" Ellen remembers them asking. "The first year, we broke records for most Emmys won for a first-season talk show," she adds with a wry and a shrug and a flash of her compelling glacier-blue eyes." 

Ellen has killed it, she can retire happily for 10 centuries to come. She's paved the way for acceptance of lesbians everywhere. And she's now E.D., lifestyle tastemaker. And don't be fooled by all the French names, she's bringing it back to the people. Ellen seeks to bring affordable design inspired by the creme de la creme of Paree! Cheers to you Ellen. We look forward to the launch. 

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