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David Archuleta Talks Coming Out, Dating Men & Getting Blocked on Apps

David Archuleta
Zack Knudson

The American Idol star opened up to PRIDE about his current dating life.


It was 2008 when the entire world watched the finale episode of American Idol season seven and was dumbfounded by David Archuleta finishing the competition in second place. Despite that clear disappointment, Idol viewers continued to support Archuleta’s music career and a whole generation of girls and LGBTQ+ fans developed a huge crush on him over the years. But when Archuleta came out as being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, he wasn’t exactly aware that he had so many gay fans.

“I don’t know why the gay community in the US has always known me so well,” Archuleta remarked. “If I’m going to go out, it’s most likely a gay guy that’s going to recognize me or a college-age girl, or Mormons. And I didn’t understand. I guess I was oblivious to the fact, also, that I was queer. I was like, ‘Why do all the gay guys like me so much? I don’t understand this.’ I guess it makes more sense now. Dating… it’s hard!”

David ArchuletaZack Knudson

Archuleta, now 31 years old, is still deep into the process of understanding himself better, and trying things out is a huge part of that quest. Alas, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always super easy to start dating when you’re already a world-famous celebrity. The singer noted, “I tried to use things like Hinge, but Hinge won’t let me be there. They froze my account. I don’t know if they thought I was fake. I wrote them, I was like, ‘Hey, it’s me!’ Maybe they don’t want people who are recognizable on their app. Taints their style. Hinge seemed more chill and more my style of dating, but whatever.”

So how is someone like Archuleta able to meet people and date? “I’ve met people through church, because when I came out, a lot of people came out to me that were still under wraps. That’s how I’ve met a couple of people that I’ve dated. We had that in common, so it was kind of good to understand each other from that aspect,” he explained. “I go out, too. I try to get to know people that way. I try to use the dating apps and I try to do that. But it is awkward sometimes because people are like, ‘Oh my gosh. Is this David Archuleta?’ And I’m like, ‘Aw…’”

Watch David Archuleta’s full interview with PRIDE below.

Overall, it has taken a lot of time and energy for Archuleta to get to a place where he even feels comfortable discussing his sexuality and dating life. Growing up as a Mormon in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the American Idol alum never even allowed himself to entertain the idea of being with men one day.

“I knew I had feelings, but I didn’t let them come up,” Archuleta recalled. “I pushed them down a lot. I completely ignored it. I tried to not acknowledge it was a thing.”

He added, “For 30 years of life, before coming out, I was really good at not entertaining any feelings for guys at all. I didn’t even imagine kissing them, hugging them, or holding their hand… nothing. I never looked at gay porn or anything. If there was a guy kissing, I would literally close my eyes and stuff because I was like, ‘I need to be a good boy. I can’t see that stuff.’”

Thankfully, Archuleta is in a much better headspace right now when it comes to embracing his sexuality and allowing himself to love who he loves. “You’ve spent so much time hating and resenting yourself, and to suddenly learn how to love yourself, it’s like, ‘Wow, this is a really cool feeling to not despise yourself and not to feel like you have to hide yourself. To not look at yourself as something disgusting. It’s a big thing.”

You can watch David Archuleta’s music video for “Faith In Me” below.

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Bernardo Sim experiences and explains queer multiverses. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.

Bernardo Sim experiences and explains queer multiverses. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.