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8 Reasons We Love Two Mom Couples So Much

8 Reasons We Love Two Mom Couples So Much

8 Reasons We Love Two Mom Couples So Much

LGBT moms deserve double love today!

Of course, all moms deserve recognition (more than one day), but we're giving our shouts out to the mom couples out there!  


9. Studies show you may be better off with lesbian parents.

We already knew this, but thanks for the confirmation world.


8. Mom-guilt is shared by both parents.

Be warned! That also means mom worry is in overdrive. 


7. They teach you open-mindedness on many things including gender identity.

Just be you.


6. They understand being different.

High school is hard, especially if you are on the awkward side. 


5. They will watch The Fosters with you on repeat.

Stef and Lena are the ultimate mom #relationshipgoals.


4. Or Grey's Anatomy... 

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3. They laugh at your jokes. Even ones about your moms u-hauling.

Yes, even moms have a past life.


2. Comfort you when you feel sad, anxious, lonely or any other emotion you can imagine.

Moms are the only ones that can rationalize the cray in our lives. 


1. They love you unconditionally!

Love is love and moms knows how to love best!

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