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5 MORE Ridiculous Questions People Ask About My Lesbian Engagement

5 MORE Ridiculous Questions People Ask About My Lesbian Engagement

5 MORE Ridiculous Questions People Ask About My Lesbian Engagement

As the wedding gets closer the questions get crazier...

Once the engagement ring comes on it seems like the filter comes off for many people. Well-intentioned friends, college, and family members have lots of questions about the big day. From flowers to food every one has an opinion. These questions only seem to escalate when it comes to the lesbian part of my wedding, and here are just a few questions I've gotten you'd think people would know better than to ask. 


5. Can you have a religious ceremony? 

This is a bit of a tricky question. Although personally, a religious ceremony is important many couples prefer a secular ceremony with an officiant. This depends on your particular religious background. While some religions do not perform same-sex weddings, many will, and as long as you are willing to search for the right clergy member they will often be accommodating. 


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4. Can straight people come to your wedding? 

Well, you are definitely not invited to the wedding if you are asking me this question. Other than you, OF COURSE, all our heterosexual and LGBT friends and family will be joining us for our wedding day.


3, Will you get a prenup? 

Seriously. Do you ask all your heterosexual friends about how they handle financials? Jeez. Just like any other couple, my fiancee and I are discussing everything about our future together, and yes that includes the possibility of a prenup. That's all the information you will be getting about that. 


2. Who is the bridezilla? 

First of all, just because we are brides doesn't mean we are bridezillas! Who coined that term anyway? The truth of the matter is, we are both bridezillas (if you must use that term.) We both have things we are incredibly passionate about ... other than each other and we want our wedding to be uniquely us. Be warned - both of us will do whatever it takes to make our big day dreams come true. 


1. Who is going to pay?

This is a big question for all brides, whether there are one or two of them. For our wedding, both of our parents have graciously offered to cover most of the cost of the wedding. Not all parents are as generous, and many lesbian couples choose to or have to pay for their own nuptials. No matter who is paying, make sure the day is about your love as a couple and creating special touches that are meaningful to you.


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