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LISTEN: Portland-Based Band HERS Debut Album Chronicles Queer Awakening

LISTEN: Portland-Based Band HERS Debut Album Chronicles Queer Awakening
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It’s the first weekend of summer! How about some brand new music to add to your summer play list? The Portland, Oregon-based band HERS drops their debut new album Youth Revisited on June 3, but we’ve got the single “Hell” right here for your listening pleasure.

While the band HERS’ -- comprised of Melissa L. Amstutz, Rachel Tomlinson Dick, Cody Peterson, and Ellen Wilde -- sound stands on its own as a feral force, the album is especially meaningful to a queer audience as it “charts the queer awakening of songwriter and vocalist Amstutz.”

A child of a religious, military family Amstutz was a musical theater kid before she grabbed a guitar and started a band at the age of 16, according to a release. She credits that bond with music and her band with keeping her grounded.

“It was the best part of my high school experience. I think it saved my life,” Amstutz says about forming that band.

While at college at the University of Nebraska in Omaha Amstutz came out as a lesbian and divorced her husband. Later, she and Rachel Tomlinson Dick formed a feminist punk band called The Wayward Little Satan Daughters, according to a release. The band later became what it is today -- HERS.

Youth Revisited was written in Omaha before the band’s return to Portland.

Here’s a little taste of Youth Revisited – “Hell.” And expect to hear a lot more from this killer group with the kinetic sound! 




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