P!nk Reemerges with Queer, Political Anthem 'What About Us?'

P!nk Reemerges
Zachary Zane

It’s been half a decade since P!nk released her last full length album.  Finally, this fall, she’s set to release her newest record, Beautiful Trauma, which is supposedly a follow up to her 2012 album, The Truth About Love.

P!nk’s newly-released single, “What About Us?” almost seems like a direct question to Trump, but at the same time, could also be asked of one’s partner after a breakup.

In the song, she seems to be fighting for the vulnerable, the marginalized, the persecuted, and the ones who are forgotten.  

She sings, "We are problems that want to be solved," and "We are children that need to be loved/ We were willing, we came when you called/ But then you fooled us, enough is enough."

Listen to the whole song here!

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