A Lesbian Love Story Takes Center Stage in This K-Pop Girl Group's Music Video

Taylor Henderson

K-Pop girl group Loona released the visuals for their newest single "Heart Attack" and it features an adorable same-sex love story! 

The four-minute music video focuses on Edenic, who has an obsessive crush on fellow band member Yves—stealing glances at her in the hallway, secretly taking photographs from afar, and even following her home. Fortunately for Edenic, Yves returns the feelings. 

"The day we first met/inside my quiet heart/As if a new world has opened," the Korean lyrics translate. "Even my hidden secrets that only I knew/That mood that I wanted to tell you all about."

Homosexuality is accepted in South Korea but is still very much a taboo. Same-sex marriage is still illegal and LGBT people still face discrimination and legal challenges. According to NewNowNext, the video's "director Kim Jho Gwang-soo and actor-politician Hong Seok-cheon are two of the country's only out celebrities."

Watch "Heart Attack" below!

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