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You'll Be a 'Sucker' for This Freaky New Jonas Brothers Video

Rachel Kiley

The JoBros are back and they did not arrive quietly.

While it’s been a solid minute since Kevin, Joe, and Nick were officially pushing out music as a band of brothers, they have never strayed far from the public eye. So it’s no shock that their comeback video seems to be as much about their significant others as it is about them.

Their new video for “Sucker” is a lyrical ode to falling blindly in love with someone, and a visually decadent celebration of being weird and rich together, something this family can undoubtedly relate to.




As the three boys — er, men, I guess, it ain’t 2009 anymore — perform the song in a fancy room on the estate, the women in their lives watch them with a casual interest that gradually grows into pure obsession.

Those women, of course, being their RL lovers — Kevin was the first to snag his wife, Danielle, with Joe and Nick eventually pledging their loyalties to Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner, and Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra, respectively. It’s a cute gimmick that serves to reinforce the fact that these brothers are grown adults and fully immersed in a new stage of their lives.

The video ramps up as the group explores the grounds in crazy outfits and outdoor bathtubs and eventually wind up at a strange dancing dinner party.




It’s a truly rich world, and the playful current running underneath the lyrics and the images that perhaps they need to make this comeback so they can continuing wooing their loves with a life of luxury is certainly present without squinting.

The song is catchy AF and featuring the sweet, sweet Jonas Brothers vocals, so the world is already obsessed.

And we may need to watch this crazy video a few more times to process it fully. Let’s get started.


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