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Shot of the Day: Cate Blanchett Looks Molto Calda in Menswear for Italian Vogue

The Oscars showed us just how gorgeous Cate Blanchett can look in a dress. Who knew that was just a prelude for how she'd look in a suit?

The Blue Jasmine star covers L'uomo Vogue, the men's Italian branch of the fashion magazine, in all her androgynous glory for their Powerful Australia issue. With short hair, black bowtie and that classic Cate gorgeousness we know and love, this is one cover image that's gonna be imprinted on our brains for a while!

It's not the first time she's worn a suit on a cover of Vogue -- Cate covered Vogue Australia in February in a bronze suit. But for raising our eyebrows and the beautiful black-and-white composition, we'll give this one to the Italians. 

Check out the cover below:

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