Trans Actress Indya Moore to Host Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show

Taylor Henderson

Pose star Indya Moore will host the 2019 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris, France!

Hand-chosen by Louis Vuitton's Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière as a special correspondent, Moore will present the new Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2019/2020 collection.

"Oh hello there. I hadn't noticed you," the 24-year-old jests on Louis Vuitton's Instagram before announcing that she will host exclusive fashion previews before the show, beginning Tuesday, March 5 at 6 pm Paris time.



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"These women embrace the personalities that embody fashion at Louis Vuitton," Ghesquière has previously said of Moore joining the campaign. "Be they stars or new faces, all of them share the same willpower, and confidence in their choices, and at the same time, reflect the eclecticism of the female identity."

Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, Moore asked her fans on Instagram just yesterday, "Bienvenue LOUIS PARIS VUITTON avez vous recu votre invitation?" which translates to, "Welcome LOUIS PARIS VUITTON. Did you receive your invitation?"



Bienvenue LOUIS PARIS VUITTON avez vous recu votre invitation ? #LouisVuitton x @NicolasGhesquiere

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