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actors strike

Abbi Jacobson Calls BS After 'ALOTO' Cancelation Blamed On Strikes

Jacobson said blaming the WGA and SAG strikes for the show's cancelation is "cowardly."

Billy Porter Says The Hollywood Strikes Are Forcing Him Out Of His Home

The actor says he's currently living pay check to pay check.

Zendaya's Sultry Love Triangle Film Yanked From Venice Due to Strike

Challengers was removed from the Venice Film Festival, and its release date has been delayed to 2024.

​Actors Union Issues Warning To Influencers Crossing Picket Lines

If social media influencers take work in film or television during the actor strike, SAG-AFTRA has threatened to bar them from membership.

These 10 LGBTQ+ Actors Are Speaking Out Against Greedy Studio Execs

Queer actors are making their voices heard in support of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike.