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Watch this Republican's kid roll his eyes during speech defending Trump​ while we CACKLE

Republican Rep. John Rose's speech about Trump's guilty verdict was overshadowed by his own son's mockery.

Turns out Democratic politicians can be giant HYPOCRITES too, how predictable

Texas Representative Henry Cueller has been charged with bribery, unlawful foreign influence, and bribery.

Democrat Robert Garcia just got a  Thirsty Award and his response is the GAYEST thing ever

Politico's annual Thirsty Awards are here again and our fave gay politician had a hilarious response to winning!

Watch President Biden dunk on Lauren Boebert with just two words while we LAUGH

Our new favorite thing is watching Biden eviscerate MAGA Republicans with his sense of humor!

George Santos posted 'model' photos and the reactions are RUTHLESS

Oh George, this is just so... embarrassing.

Republican Lauren Boebert's CRINGE campaign ad backfired and now the internet is ROASTING her

Check out the most hilarious responses to her weird ad!

Allegedly intoxicated Lauren Boebert gets cut off & begs Trump for selfies, we're CACKLING

Witnesses say the MAGA firebrand was over-served and acting a fool.

Marjorie Taylor Greene accidentally admits that she should be fired & we're CACKLING

The MAGA queen may have just said the one thing we agree with her on!

Republican Lauren Boebert RUTHLESSLY mocked for pathetic audience size

We haven't seen a turnout this tiny since Marjorie Taylor Greene held a book signing!

10 of the dumbest things MAGA queen Marjorie Taylor Greene has ever done

Just when you think she's said the dumbest thing imaginable, MTG opens her mouth and more stupidity falls out.

WATCH this Democrat wipe the floor with Marjorie Taylor Greene in viral video

We love it when the Dems call out her blatant hypocrisy!

MAGA darling MTG calls LGBTQ+ people 'groomers' proving that yes, she can get worse

Marjorie Taylor Greene throws her support behind the far-right social media account Libs of TikTok.

​MAGA queen MTG tried to insult a Democrat and got brutally ROASTED instead

Democrats clowning MTG may be our new love language.

The investigation into THAT gay staffer's leaked video has been closed by Capitol police

The investigation in the viral video was closed due to lack of evidence.

MAGA devotee MTG clowns Lauren Boebert for bombing in the polls & we're CACKLING over the drama

Marjorie Taylor Greene is going after her fellow Republican and we're just glad we're out of her crosshairs for the moment!

Watch Republican Lauren Boebert Admit She's A Loser & Has To Switch Districts To Win

The MAGA darling has been mired in scandals and has to physically move in order to stand a chance at getting reelected.

Ziwe Teases Interview With George Santos And Twitter Is ROASTING Him

Is this camp? Or is it damaging democracy?

John Fetterman Just Clowned George Santos & Bob Menendez So Hard We'll Never Stop Laughing

The senator just made them look like the corrupt fools they are — and we can't stop cackling.