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emerald fennell

'Saltburn' star Barry Keoghan poses for a tribute to the infamous bathtub scene

If vampires look like this than sign us up!

15 Hilarious TikTok Reactions To Seeing 'Saltburn's Bathtub Scene For The Very First Time

From Gen Z being scandalized to people watching it with their families, these TikTok reactions have us cackling!

'Saltburn's Bathtub Scene Is Scandalizing Gen Z & We're LIVING For The Hilarious Reactions

TikTokers are going viral reacting to Saltburn and we can't get enough!

Barry Keoghan Says 'Saltburn's Unhinged Grave Scene Got Even Raunchier

The original idea for the scene was already wild, but things got even crazier when it was filmed.

Emerald Fennell Wants To Remake A 'Jurassic Park' Where Humans And Dinosaurs Bone

Not sure Chris Pratt would go for this.

'Saltburn' Stars Spill On The Film's Wildly Explicit & Full Frontal Scenes

Turns out the movie is as wild as we hoped — and feared.

‘Saltburn’s Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan Lean In For A Red Carpet Smooch, Twitter Reacts

The actors play lovers in the upcoming film and their chemistry is off the charts.

Jacob Elordi Confesses His First Celeb Male Crushes & Honestly, Same

Sounds like he was on the same page as the rest of us in the '90s and '00s.

Jacob Elordi Teases His Steamy, Scary New Role In ‘Saltburn’

Your new toxic crush has arrived.

Decadence & Desire Are On Display In Saltburn Teaser Trailer

Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi star as lovers in this steamy thriller.

First Look Images From Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan's Steamy Thriller

The two actors star as lovers in the new film Saltburn.

Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan Are Lovers In Saltburn, Here’s When It Drops

Plus, new plot details about the steamy thriller.